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Welcome on our Homepage

Hello, we are Bettina, Matthias and our sons Tobias and Michael

A dream of a dog came true and in 2002 our first Border Collie moved in.

Life with Barny was just great and true to the motto “ one Border Collie is no Border Collie”

Great Boy enriched our life in 2004

We attended many seminaries with the club for British Sheepdogs and registered our kennel. Since June 2006 our kennel “ Invincible Power of Dreams “ is FCI protected.

Now we started the search for a female and found our Angel in 2007 with Danielle Inverno in Australia.

We are grateful to Elke and Manfred Thein ( from Borders Paradise ) for two wonderful males and Danielle Inverno ( Sashdan Border Collies Australia ) for the fantastic female and their trust and confidence !

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